Winning Medals - Part 2

Winning any athletics medal is difficult. At times the training hurts and as you get faster it hurts just as much. As well as that, winning medals means sacrifices, illness and sometimes injury. These things can undermine confidence and your determination and make it harder to achieve any goal. Being the best you can be, doesn’t always result in a gold medal. But go step by step, don’t give up, be consistent and persistent and the results will come. This is the sport you have chosen, so do it the best you can. Walk away from each session knowing that you gave it your best.

1.Get to training every day, take responsibility, there are no excuses.

2.Continually challenge yourself to go beyond your comfort zone.

3.Believe in your ability, believe you are a winner.

4.Value your team, be tolerant of differences and respect each one and their contribution.

5.Support your teammates, they understand and are out there helping to push you.

6.Acknowledge excellence both in your performances and in others.

7.Seek feedback and give feedback and contributions to the program.

8.Only some training goes smoothly, races don’t always go to plan.

9.Have faith in the coach as he has guided many successful athletes and he believes in you.

10.When the gun goes off the person who wins is ultimately the one who takes control.

Are you that sort of person?