What is Needed to be Coached by Graeme Holden?

Athletes trained by Graeme Holden don’t have excuses – they are so well prepared they don’t need them.

We live in a results driven world where everything needs to be achieved as soon as possible. Unfortunately running does not fit into that category. When you see athletes performing at the top level you need to realise that some have been working for up to 10 years previously. Throughout the process short term medium success was often sacrificed in favour of achieving long term goals. Therefore it is important that you enjoy running and training. You should have a goal and be prepared to train to your potential. There are no magic or accelerated formulas. You need time and be prepared for work that starts with your current level of fitness, endurance and speed. Today’s top runners usually run the last half of a race faster than the first. They also have very fast finishes. There are no excuses after the race. The ability to do that comes from time spent training, good coaching and understanding the paces required for each section of the race. As each athletes’ maximum speed increases they are able to work more on staying at a faster race pace for longer.