Why Have a Coach - Are There Any Secrets to Training?

During the training you will be inspired by the athletes around you and they in turn will be inspired by how amazing you are.

Modern training is no great secret. An internet search or a good book will give you most of the principles. How you go through the process is personal as everybody progresses at a different rate. Everybody starts at different ages with different quantities of speed and endurance. That is why you need a knowledgeable coach. A good coach will know the history of athletics training and how it has evolved. They will know how to put the pieces together to help you improve. Graeme has experience as an international athlete and has trained athletes to NZ and World Championship gold medals. He does not just supply a generalised training programme but he will actually coach you. His particular strength is in studying what you have done before, analysing race splits and then providing a comprehensive programme that will address any weaknesses and help you improve. Do you have doubts on whether you can finish the race? Do you go through a slump midrace or gradually slow from start to finish? Are you just starting out and want to know how to finish your first race? Graeme is always available to offer advice and comment on how each session went and what should be aimed for next time. Be prepared for days when the training will be intense. Over months the intensity and volume will incrementally increase. There may be people out there with more talent but be prepared to work hard and you will reach your goal, you will be up with the talent. In the words of Brother Colm, coach of World 800m record holder David Radisha - "There is no secret. It is all in the head and the legs, the determination, the passion, the interest, the commitment, the focus, the dream. All those things mean that some people rise above the ordinary."